Anda Christian Workers Seminar

The Lord blessed us with much success at Romulo Memorial Resource Center (RMRC) Seminar held last Nov. 10 2012, at Anda Pangasinan. One hundred fifty five (155) leaders participated from 11 churches namely: Sablig: Caniongan, Palaway; Imbo; Namagbagan; Agoso; Arwas; Bani; Alminos; Purok 7; Tondol, Anda; Magnayon; and San Jose, Anda.


On April 6, 2013, RMRC and Manila Bible Seminary (MBS) will be co-sponsoring a Christian Education Conference for the purpose of starting the long-awaited creation of a Filipino Sunday School Curriculum. Several churches are expected to be represented at this conference so please be praying that God will fill them with His spirit of wisdom, clarity of purpose and humility.

Pray also for much needed funds as many Christian education workers ask for teaching materials to bring back to their home churches.

~As reported by Sis. Leonie Castillo